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Zeal Creative Group was started by Davey Duarte in September of 2013. The group was formed when he met his technical match on a large project at that time. Davey and Kelly Lee were introduced by a well-known coffee company in Seattle to work on a website development project and have been working together ever since.

Davey is a 14 year logo, graphic and brand designer with 7 years in UI UX architecture and development. Kelly is a 16 year veteran in coding, programming, software development, server-side administration and excellent communication. They have been tackling projects ranging from ecommerce, app, web applications, UI UX and much more. The combined experience of Davey and Kelly far surpasses many of the self-acclaimed “marketing agency’s” in Southern California. The powerful and most importantly zealous group lives on to create better products for today and the future.


Excellent Customer Service

Our group of seasoned professionals share a commonality of executing our customers’ needs by communicating as best as we can. Our combined experience with project management and vocal, video or documented communication methods help us better serve our customers with real-time results. Our projects are built live and our consultations are through video sharing and other methods that help streamline any project.

UI UX & Responsive Developers

Pixel-Perfect Design Work

Our work is well-known for it’s clean and airy taste for a great reason. We are disciplined in only delivering pixel-perfect work! From clear concepts to corporate identity brand kits, we live, breathe and sleep your project so that we can give you the most satisfactory product in the end. Any app, website, brand kit or marketing campaign is customized to each individual company. We pride ourselves in delivering unique and authoritative designs without using template designs.

Monthly Support and Management

Monthly Support and Management

Excellent work always requires proper maintenance. When we build product, the support does not stop there. Marketing and other aspects of technical application/software development is not a one-time fling. Our company is growing because of this very reason. We make sure we train our staff to handle your customized product with care.  Our monthly and annual packages are affordable and will keep your company’s digital marketing ahead of the game.


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